Faculty of Physics
prof. Stanislawa Lojasiewicza 11
30-348 Krakow
12 664 46 79

About the Department


Departament of Quantum Many-Body Theory investigates the electronic properties of solids, with particular emphasis on electron correlations in strongly correlated systems. Our research focuses in particular on transition metal oxides, with their complex interplay of magnetic, superconducting and charge correlations, and also on manganites, titanates, and vanadates, whose electronic properties are determined by the interplay of orbital, spin and charge degrees of freedom. We also investigate spin and orbital models with entanglement, quantum phase transitions and dynamics of quantum critical phenomena. The correlation problem is treated by various numerical and analytic techniques: exact diagonalization, variational methods (for instance local Ansatz or variational cluster approximation), advanced cluster mean-field theories, perturbation theory, and quantum tensor networks algorithms. Modern many-body methods are not only being applied, but also developed within our group.